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Wideo Text to Speech Converter: how it works, voices, opinions

The best that technology has achieved is the ability to have several applications with the same or similar characteristics on the same device, thus being able to choose to use the desired application.

This time we will be talking about Wideo, a wonderful app to create and design videos, especially if we are starting out in the world of design, making it easier for us to create without having to imagine much about the content.

What is Wideo?

This is a very good application that has the ability to create and design videos, it is very good for all those beginners in the world of creating these, since it makes it easy to design videos, whether they are explanatory, animated, business cards or other designs.

How does Wideo work?

We can make endless variations to our video through the menu that this application has, which has the options that will allow us to create animated effects, include transitions, create videos based on templates, from scratch or include previously made videos.

We can also count on the creation of videos in different forms and spaces, being able to create videos horizontally or vertically, reserve the user’s desired or favorite scenes, copy and paste text without changing the structure of the design.

In addition, it offers libraries with previously created designs, the creation of logos, configures the nuances and the edition of the texts presented, among many other things that can be done without any problem.

Voices of Wideo

Wideo has natural technological voices that emit sounds in order to explain the videos and the functions of the app. Also optionally, this application can accept the installation of voice programs that can be presented in several languages ​​so that all users in the world have options to use and understand it in its entirety.

How much does the Wideo app cost?

This application has several modalities in terms of its purchase price, having as a first instance the free version through subscription and the premium or paid version, with a total of $59.00 per month.

Wideo Reviews

In relation to the Wideo system, there are many users who use it and therefore there are a large number of different opinions issued by them, where positive opinions stand out for accessibility, ease of use, functions and for the quality – price ratio that exists in this.

But like any program there are also people who have different opinions, since they are looking for something specific and therefore do not express very accurate or positive opinions of it. We invite you to use this system and make your own judgment about the functionality and quality that this system offers.

Alternatives to Wideo

It has always been said that images are worth a thousand words, because in this case a video is worth more than a million words, so this time other alternatives are mentioned in which videos or animations can be created, such as:

  • Speechson, is an online text-to-speech converter that you can use to make audio and video professionally.
  • Powtoon, is an application that has various tools which allow you to create animations with just a few clicks.
  • Videoscribe, is one of the applications that is currently powerful for creating videos with many animations that have a great visual impact, including a very dynamic graphic environment that works with stop motion format.
  • GoAnimate, this application allows you to create different videos efficiently, easily and quickly.
  • Acapela TTS, commonly provides text-to-speech solutions in more than 25 languages.
  • Speakonia, is a text-to-speech program commonly used by Microsoft.
  • NaturalReader, has free services and payments, which draws the attention of users more easily.
  • TTS Tool, is a website known for giving voice to Alexa and Waze software.
  • Free TTS, usually used in Google technology.
  • TextAloud, is a software that is normally used in Windows voice texts.
  • Loquendo is an application capable of translating and converting text to speech with synthetic voices and in several languages.
  • Balabolka, allows you to store records in WMA, OGG, MP4, MP3, or WAV format.
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