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Loquendo Text to Speech Converter: how it works, voices, opinions

You may be wondering how it is possible to take text to speech or interact with your phone, and it answers you with a very pleasant voice, because this is due to software like loquendo which we will be talking about throughout this article, so continue reading, and You will see how interesting the subject is and the curiosities regarding this popular systematizer.

Loquendo Online

What is Loquendo?

The word loquendo refers to the locution. This is a multinational software technology corporation, created in order to provide its customers with the ease of interacting with some services through synthetic voices.

It was established in 1970 and then in 2001 it became a company, its characteristic logo was designed and created by TELECOM Italia. It has offices in several countries around the world, such as: Turin, France, Germany, among others.

How does Loquendo work?

It is one of the most popular voice systemizers in the world. This has the functionality to change texts in audio records, this in order to introduce these files as voiceovers in tutorial videos.

To use it, the first thing to do is install software compatible with the different voices, in order to provide an audio record with which you can listen to everything previously written.

Then at the top is the menu where we can modify the settings and at the back you can find the options that are frequently used and the voices and languages.

Voices of Loquendo

Over the years, the company Loquendo has been incorporating a wide range of tones into its synthetic voices, which are identified by names, among them they have the voices titled Jorge (performed by the actor Abel Folk), Carlos (performed by the Colombian announcer Fabio Arciniegas), Leonor, Carmen (Julia Martínez is the one who interprets her), Esperanza (her voice is originally from Mexico), Diego, Juan, Francisca, Ricardo, Miguel, Zueira, among many others.

How much does the Loquendo app cost?

This application can be easily found in the Android Play Store, which is completely free, as well as in PC formats, APK formats or on web pages to use it online.

Loquendo Options

Among the best-known options that loquendo offers, we can find recording tutorials, converting texts into audio files, translating texts from different languages ​​with loquendo, downloading audio files previously made in loquendo online, sending audio files via WhatsApp as loquendo, emulate various versions of loquendo’s voices, you can perform Gameplays with their voices.

Loquendo Reviews

According to the Google Play Store app store, we could see that Loquendo got a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. In addition, these are the opinions that stand out the most from users.

  • The classic loquendo through a super easy to use app. I’ve been looking for it for a long time, this app is a bomb, it works perfectly with a very comfortable interface, it also allows you to copy and paste the desired text easily.
  • It’s not bad, I say. What would be good would be for it to have many voices to choose from. For example, Men’s voices or like the loquendo voices of YouTube. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just search on YouTube Trolencio911 That you have is used by many and there are other voices more It would be nice to add new voices and have the option to save the audio to share with your friends That’s my opinion hehe And I give it the most stars because I know it can improve over time and I know it will be a good app

Alternatives to Loquendo

One of the most popular synthetic voice applications is loquendo, however, we can find others on the market that have the same characteristics and that could serve as an alternative if we do not have loquendo, such as:

  • Speechson, is an online text-to-speech converter that you can use to make audio and video professionally.
  • Natural Reader, which has free and paid services.
  • TTS Tool, a website that is known for giving Alexa and Waze a voice.
  • TextAloud, software used in Windows voice texts.
  • Free TTS normally used in Google technology.
  • Wideo, free text-to-speech software, commonly used to create animated videos with your own loquendo.
  • Speakonia, text-to-speech program from Microsoft.
  • Balabolka that allows you to save files in MP3, MP4, WAV, OGG or WMA format.
  • Acapela TTS standards provides text-to-speech solutions in more than 25 languages, among millions of other software used constantly.